Simple Steps to Healthy Skin

A healthy diet is key to great looking skin! The majority of your diet should consist of fresh fruit, and vegetables, as much raw as possible. Great things come in small packages…berries, raw seeds and nuts, provide vital nutrients, anti-oxidants, and healthy oils, as well a cold-water fish. Organic is always the first choice when selecting fruits and vegetables. Never skip meals and try to incorporate protein into every one to keep blood sugar regulated and energy levels high. Eating complex carbohydrates,organic fruits and vegetables is highly recommended and keep caffeine, alcohol and refined sugars to a minimum allowing your bodies natural energy, adrenal gland function and hormones to regulate properly. Remember everything in moderation! Start the day off with a protein power shake, add kale and spinach for maximum nutrition. Frozen fruit is also a great addition in the summer months.

  1. Try to limit your intake of dairy products (includes yogurt) or replace all together if you have skin eruption and breakouts. Try natural alternatives like: rice, coconut and almond mils and cheeses.
  2. Drink lots of water. 2 – 3 quarts a day to flush your body and get your skin glowing. This goes hand in hand with exercising. Your skin is your largest organ, and sweating while staying hydrated…purges your body of stored toxins.
  3. Herbal Teas like South African Rooibos and Pomegranate are excellent for keeping skin clear and loaded with anti-oxidants.
  4. Herbal Teas are also great iced and served with lemon and orange slices. Check your local Health food Store.
  5. Exercise and get fresh air every single day. On days when this isn’t possible take a hot bath, or an invigorating scrub in the shower, alternating hot and cold water. Dry brushing helps to keep skin smooth and keep lympahtic system moving.
  6. Yoga, walking, going to the gym, pilates. Whatever get’s you moving!

Establish a regular skin care ritual with all natural products. As we mature, we can loose essential moisture and oils that keep skin healthy. Replenish with products that are rich in natural, botanical oils and butters, so you’re not doing damage by absorbing unnecessary chemicals. Choose non-soap cleansers to avoid stripping your skin of it’s natural oils.

Supplement your diet with natural anti-oxidants and vitamins to help protect against free radicals, boost cell renewal, and keep skin looking fresh. Taking an anti-oxidant formula daily with meals can help combat free radical damage and premature aging. Omega fatty acids are also a great addition to your diet and supplements.

Wear mineral based sun screen. Choose cosmetics with an SPF (sun protection factor) that protect against skin cancer and aging. We offer a tinted mineral sunscreen in our Natural Skin Care section.

Get plenty of good quality, stress free sleep no matter what your age! At least 8 hours a night. Just like you would with a child, keep to a bedtime ritual. Turn off the television, computer, and most of the lights, an hour before bedtime. Use candles with essential oils, bathe, relax, put on clean, light sleepwear. Try our aromatherapy temple balms in “Dream” or “Bliss”, and our under-eye depuffer. Meditation would be also help to clear your mind. Practice until you can sit still up to 10 minutes.

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