Erzulie ® Natural Cosmetics are Non-Toxic , Non-Comedogenic, Acne Safe, Natural and Organic Professional Mineral Makeup for your healthy lifestyle

Awaken Your Inner Goddess ™

The first brand of organic and natural, mineral color cosmetics from Progress In Health, Inc. Energetically formulated to support the emerging Goddess-Energy now flooding our planet. Developed for women who are wise about their health, seek natural alternatives to chemically laden cosmetics, have acne prone and sensitive skin types and want to enhance their own inner and outer beauty. As with all Progress In Health products, Erzulie® Natural Cosmetics are not just superficial coverage…to temporarily hide flaws, or cake the face with color. The mineral rich formulas repair skin on a cellular level, soothe, fortify, and nourish from the inside out, so even when you aren’t wearing makeup…your skin is radiant, healthy, glowing and gorgeous! All products including our eye pencils are hand crafted, hand poured and packaged in small batches in our Progress In Health laboratory in Massachusetts. All of our natural cosmetics are non-comedogenic and acne safe, appropriate for all ages. We are always updating our formulas to bring you the safest and freshest organic ingredients possible. Erzulie® was developed to remind us of something deeper & natural. Formulated to resonate with a fuller sense of self! Reconnect with your inner goddess today and celebrate your health. That’s how “Awaken Your Inner Goddess” became the Erzulie® Cosmetics affirmation and tag line. The business and company embrace the positive energy and strength of Erzulie…but we don’t worship or believe in any particular ideology affiliated with the name. The theme is based on embracing goddess energy not an organized religion or group.

Made with organic and natural ingredients.

Mineral Blend™

Mineral Blend™ color adjusting technology: We have formulated a proprietary mineral blend that self-adjusts to your skin tone. Made from the highest quality minerals available. This super lightweight blend is on the cutting edge of color matching technology. The following products contain this innovative Mineral Blend™: Mineral Concealers, Perfect Match™ Cream to Powder Mineral Foundation, Mineral Cream Foundation Sticks and Liquid Mineral Foundations.


Progress™ Holistic Skin Care and Acne Treatments

Progress™ Holistic Skin Care represents the perfect convergence of nature. Simple and natural formulas that are safe and 100% toxin free. They empower you with nutrient-rich botanicals and anti-oxidants, resulting in a bright, radiant and healthy-looking complexion.

The average women uses over sixty toxic chemicals daily and these harmful chemicals are found in beauty products we use everyday. Progress™ Skin Care is dedicated to your health and is on the cutting edge of what women are looking for from their skin care, results! Make the change today and start undoing the damage of using harmful ingredients and toxins. You deserve to know the truth about your beauty products.

Progress™ Skin Care was developed to remind us of something deeper & natural. Formulated to resonate with a fuller sense of self! To reconnect, ground, and celebrate that one thing all women have inside them…the strong, wise, inner-goddess that keeps herself hidden until we begin to prove that we’re ready to step into that position. Drawing together nature’s most basic and ancient of ingredients Progress™ offers women a healthy, organic alternative to the commercial chemical laden products available today. Products with harmful, hidden ingredients that slowly work to weaken your system! Our products feed the spirit, and the body without effort. Simply throw out all the toxic skin care you’ve accumulated, and replace it with our simple, 100% all-natural Progress™ line. Then celebrate the healthy, new you!

We promise to continue to strive in keeping our products 100% all-natural, and free from chemical pollutants! Not only are we concerned about your health, we are also concerned about removing potential waste from landfills, and honoring Mother-Earth!

Minimal Packaging: You will notice that all our products are shipped in minimal packaging. This is intentional because we believe the extra packaging is unnecessary and will just add meaningless waste to your local landfill. We seek out and are happy to support sustainability.

In-house Erzulie Recycling: Internally we recycle virtually all our incoming packing material and paper by either reusing it or recycling it directly.