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Rhonda Demars Farland

Rhonda Demars Farland

Welcome to the Progress in Health, Inc. brands of all natural, mineral based cosmetics, acne safe makeup & acne skin care products. These innovative all natural products are formulated with sensitive skin types in mind and are non-comedogenic and acne safe. Perfect for all ages, skin types and made with only natural ingredients.

Progress In Health is Cruelty Free Beauty. We never test on animals and our vendors are cruelty free as well.

Progress In Health is a proud member of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). You may find us here: http://features.peta.org/cruelty-free-company-search/index.aspx

We only use the purest, most natural ingredients, and where possible, we make every effort to buy organic ingredients from cooperative resources, and direct from established wild-crafters. We also strive to incorporate recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, and practice sustainability in our lab while offering cruelty-free, biodegradable all natural cosmetics.

Our ingredients are never subjected to extreme heat, over-processing, chemical solvents, or testing on animals. All of our containers, pumps, bottles, equipment and molds are BPA free.

All of our Holistic Skincare products and Color Cosmetics are 100% all natural. FREE of harmful chemicals,Talc, Lakes and Dyes, Parabens, PEG’s, Polybutenes, Glycols, Acrylates, Synthetic Silicones, phthalates(plastic esters), BHT, Dioxane, Petroleum bi-products, Gluten and Bismuth Oxychloride. The ingredients used are truly derived from nature….Our formulations are a safe and effective way of using Mineral Makeup.

All Natural cosmetics with an innovative mineral blend that color-adjusts to your skin tone.

Progress In Health will never use nano-particles in it’s formulations. All of our minerals are incorporated in a base of liquid or cream and are a safe and effective way of using mineral makeup.

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You can trust in the safeness and effectiveness of our formulas and that we will always continue to bring you the best products at an affordable price. All products are hand blended with integrity and care. We welcome feedback on all our products, and look forward to having you as a customer. We use titanium dioxide that is coated with stearic acid from a vegetable source, to further insure your safety and piece of mind. We never grind our minerals into nano particles and your health is a priority to us. We strive to produce products that have the safest and most beneficial ingredients possible. Please visit our blog for more information: http://progressinhealth.com/blog/2012/04/the-safe-way-to-use-minerals-like-titanium-dioxide-and-zinc-oxide/

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