More Make Up Tips and Tricks

Want the best looking makeup ever? Start with a super-clean, fresh face!! About 15 minutes prior to putting on your makeup, apply a hot washcloth to steam open pores, and loosen oils. Thoroughly cleanse and tone skin, then apply moisturizer, allowing at least ten minutes for it to absorb, and skin to cool down and re-tighten before applying makeup.

To find your perfect shade of foundation, test shades on the inside of your wrist, where skin tone is least affected by sun exposure, and always check the color in natural day light. For a foolproof application of your liquid foundation apply with clean fingertips or use a foundation brush across the center part of your face and then use a foundation brush to blend the foundation out, taking care to include your hairline and neck. Please…never forget your hairline and neck! 

A stipling brush is best to use when applying the cream to powder foundations and cream foundation sticks. It creates a flawless finish and blends the product evenly. A concealer brush is recommended when applying the erase pot concealer and concealer sticks. Set makeup with a little cornstarch when you need extra wear. Apply concealer to lips when you need your lipstick to stay on.

The best color blush is one that matches the shade your cheeks turn when flushed. Smile to find the “apples” of your cheeks, then use a large fluffy brush to sweep the powder out in circular motions, lightly. Remember, less is more. Your looking for a natural, radiant, glow. A hint of blushing. Vibrant shades of pink and fuchsia are very popular these days. Try shades that may be out of your comfort zone for a fresh new look.

For Flawless eyeliner, rest your elbow on a flat surface, start on the outside of the eye (where the line should be the heaviest), and as you sweep towards the inner area of the eye, ease up on the liner. Unless you’re going for a particularly ‘dark’ look…eyeliner shouldn’t be applied to the inner edges of the eye (near the nose), as ‘all-around’ liner tends to make eyes look smaller. For a natural look, choose a shade that matches your eye color, for a dramatic effect, choose a contrasting shade. To create a more natural look, lightly blend out your liner with a small, short-haired brush, or q-tip. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers! Brushes are best for powder-based make-up products such as blush and eye-shadow, but clean finger tips are a great blending tool for creamy products like concealer and foundation. Make sure they’re clean fingers!

Tidy, groomed eyebrows can lift your whole face. Have them professionally shaped in a salon and then maintain at home with a good pair of tweezers. Avoid over plucking! Fuller brows give your face more shape. Fill in with a brown pencil or eyebrow kit.

Finally, keep your makeup kit clean and organized. Sharpen pencils after use, so that they are ready for your next application. Wash brushes once a week in a mild shampoo, and allow to air dry overnight. Wipe your mascara wand with a tissue before use to avoid clumps and ensure a neat application. Invest in a see-through make-up bag with multiple pockets so you can see all your cosmetics at a glance and remove the need for rummaging. And, most important of all…keep your cosmetics FRESH! Don’t overstock on makeup, as it prone to expire. Same applies to perfume. Buy smaller quantities, and USE up what you’ve got. Even if there’s some left, best not to hold on to it longer then 6 months. Bacteria can build up in cosmetics, and they also perform poorly with age, becoming streaky or harder to blend.

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