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Rhonda Demars Farland

Rhonda Demars Farland


Rhonda Demars Farland is the founder, formulator and President of Progress In Health and Erzulie Natural Cosmetics. She has an extensive background as a globally recognized, natural cosmetic formulator and Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant. She also holds degrees in Culinary Arts and Social Sciences. Rhonda dedicates herself to formulating safe and healthy cosmetics that are innovative and multitasking. She also educates consumers on the dangers of everyday chemical laden products, their ill effects and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own health and well-being. Her brand Erzulie Cosmetics is currently listed as the number one beauty store on and was featured in the New York Times fashion and style section. Her cosmetics are used by professional makeup artists and are featured on Broadway and famous musicals as well a television and movies.