Some Interesting Facts

The US government does not mandate safety studies of cosmetics.

From the FDA website:

  • “The regulatory requirements governing the sale of cosmetics are not as stringent as those that apply to other FDA-regulated products… Manufacturers may use any ingredient or raw material, except for color additives and a few prohibited substances, to market a product without a government review or approval.”
  • FDA has documented 10,500 ingredients in cosmetic products. Only 11 percent of these ingredients have been assessed for safety by the cosmetic industry’s review panel
  • Effective September 2004, the EU banned the use of chemicals that are known or strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects.
  • US cosmetics manufacturers are not required to fully list product ingredients. In Europe, full ingredient listings are required by law – the INCI standard.
  • All Progress in Health, Inc. products come with a full ingredient listings, both on labelling and on this website. Our goal continues to be, providing the most natural, beneficial, purest, and safest natural beauty products, at an affordable cost. As well as, educating consumers on the benefits of maintaining the most natural lifestyle possible.
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