A simple and innovative, all natural clarifying acne skin care system that uses the power of oxygen and natural ingredients to combat blemish causing bacteria. Our holistic formulas nourish and re-balance the skin, without any drying damage. Say goodbye to harsh, chemical brands that dry and strip the skin of it’s natural moisture, while counteracting treatment by causing an over-production of oil.

Effective on all types of acnetic skin types, including cosmetic acne. Progress™™ Oxygen Acne Skin Care System uses only organic and all natural ingredients like tea tree and neem oils, hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid (derived from organic non-gmo beets) and extracts of green tea, white willow bark, thyme, peppermint and roman chamomile to create a system that will exceed your expectations. Formulated for imbalanced, blemished and overactive skin types.