Frequently Asked Questions

Have any of your products ever been tested on animals?

Never have been! Never will be! We don’t support any animal testing or torture…not in the ingredients we purchase, or in our own manufacturing. We do not support barbaric, pointless cruelty! Progress In Health is a proud member of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). You may find us here:

Are all your products “vegan-friendly”?

Not all our vegan but we have several products that are Vegan friendly. You will find a list of ingredients on each product description page. A Vegan symbol will also denote the products that are vegan.

Is Mineral Makeup hard to apply?

Mineral makeup is no harder to apply than chemical, commercial makeup. A good understanding of basic application techniques, and a simple set of cosmetic tools help create the best results, but there’s nothing difficult about using mineral makeup, no. Many of our products can be applied with your fingertips. For a flawless look skin to skin application is recommended. You are stimulating your skin cells as you gently apply and increasing circulation.

Why aren’t your Mineral Makeup products in dust/powder like other brands?

Mineral ‘powders’ are messy, not appropriate for all ages/skin types, and there tends to be more waste. Erzulie’s liquid and cream formulations are packaged with an easy-to-apply goal in mind. Safe, soothing, and flattering on all skin tones and types, and incredibly long lasting! Erzulie’s mineral blends also offer all-natural sun protection.

Studies show that super-fine mineral powders may be dangerous to inhale. Erzulie Natural Cosmetics are the safest, most effective way of using mineral makeup because the minerals are incorporated in a base and never ground to nano-particles.

I’ve tried other ‘mineral’ brands and they make my skin itch….WHY?

As large companies jump on the “all-natural” bandwagon…limitless varieties of mineral makeups and cosmetics are hitting the stage, and not all are created equal! The bases may indeed be minerals, but they’re still packed, filled, fluffed, and polished with the same old stock of chemical ingredients. There are numerous reasons why cosmetics trigger sensitivities and harsh chemicals are usually number one. Glycols, bismuth oxychloride, acrylates, synthetic polymers, parabens, artificial pigments, silicones, dyes and PEG’s are all culprits! They’re bad for our environment, bad for our skin, and bad for our health, but for some…they make good business sense, reducing ingredient costs, and raising profit shares. Who suffers? You.

Are your foundations heavy? Do they cover well?

All of our skin perfecting foundations contain our proprietary Mineral Blend thar color adjusts to your skin tone and it doesn’t contain any bismuth oxychloride or harmful nano-particles.

We have three foundations to choose from and each offers a different finish and coverage. Our liquid mineral foundation is perfect for anyone who prefers light to medium coverage and a dewy, soft finish. It enhances your skin and feels light and healthy. It’s non-comedogenic and has a sunfilter of up to 20 with seven goddess enhancing shade to choose from.
The Perfect Match Cream to Powder Mineral Foundation offers medium to full coverage and a demi-matte finish. It’s waterproof, sweat proof and ultra lightweight. It comes in a super size compact with latex free sponge(.55 oz huge by industry standards for $15). It’s best applied with fingers and massaged into the skin in a circular motion you may also blend it with the sponge or your favorite brush. Available in six multi-tasking shades. Can also be used to cover varicose veins and spider veins on legs and body.

Our newest addition is the Cream Foundation Stick…offering medium to full coverage, buildable and perfect for the women on the go. Apply with fingers and blend with stipling brush, the sponge it comes with or fingers for flawless natural finish. This product comes in five shades and can also be used for legs and body imperfections. Also, sweat proof and waterproof.
With a perfect balance of water-moisture and skin nourishing oils, our super light-weight foundations are easy to blend. No heavy perto-chemicals or pore clogging sludge in our products. Instead we use beneficial ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, olive squalane and grapeseed oil. Ingredients that symbiotically work “with” your skin to not only cover imperfections, but improve them!

How long do your products last on the skin?

All our products are very long lasting and typically can take you from day to night with minimal touch ups. We recommend not using any petroleum based or commercial moisturizers and products with our high quality natural formulations. We do recommend using natural products for a more synergistic result.

What kind of sunfilter does your makeup offer?

Erzulie /Progress In Health products have a natural mineral sunfilter using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The amount of protection varies in each product. Please refer to product description and label for details.

How does your makeup respond to different types of skin?

There’s a reason why we base all our formulations on the most basic and ancient of all-natural ingredients, because nothing on earth has yet to prove better. Nothing more gentle, restorative, or healing then these time-trusted originals. The most ironic thing is that nature developed them to suit ALL skin types. Dry, oily, combination skin. Thick and thin skin, sensitive types…mature and youthful. That’s the amazing thing about entire line of skincare products and cosmetics…they’re beneficial in their own particular way to all skin types, because they’re all about “balancing” and “normalizing” your health, bring you back to the basics as well.

Will your products match my skin tone?

Our foundations(liquid and cream to powder foundations and concealers) have a patent pending mineral blend that self-adjusts to your skin tone. That means that it’s a perfect match every time. The goddess glow liquid bronzer is so blendable that any skin tone can use it and get a natural glow. The concealers and correctors have an amazing ability to erase anything you don’t want the world to see! See for yourself ! These products can actually improve the quality of your skin.

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes. Gluten is a grain derived, filler-ingredient, and not included in any of our formulations. Some our products do include the use of ‘starches’ (rice, corn, and tapioca), but these are not glutens in the sense that they trigger an autoimmune response. For those with any hyper-sensitives we always suggest a patch-test to be safe. If you can consume starches in your diet then you won’t have a problem with our products. Our Vitamin e is derived from non gmo rice.

Are all of the products made by hand?

Yes! Every formula is made and packaged by hand. We never use any bases for our natural formulas.
Every products is made in the Progress In Health Inc. Laboratory in Swansea, Ma.

How long do the products last?

We use top quality, beneficial oils and butters that typically will not go rancid rapidly like other natural products. The products that do have water have a highly effective eco certified preservative system and the anhydrous products (without water) have elderberry extract (an antioxidant and preservative) as well as rosemary extract and vitamin e to protect the beneficial oils from rancidity. The mascara, gel eyeliners and liquid eyeliner are recommended to be replaced in 12 months to be safe, just like commercial brands. Progress In Health recommends using most products within twenty four months and storing in a cool, dark place when possible. No need to refrigerate as the chemistry will change and never add water or another ingredient as it could compromise the preservative system.

Are you open to feedback and new product development?

You bet! We value your ideas, opinions and feedback because we work for you. Please let us know if there is product you love and would like to see it made all natural or an idea for something you have been looking for. Although it’s nice to think the products are finished developing that doesn’t mean we are not open to ideas and suggestions to improve our products. We want our brands to be your brands and share in the pride of contributing to the healthiest and best products we can create.

Why are your prices lower than other natural products?

We believe that healthy cosmetics do not have to be overpriced. Your patronage is the number one reason why our prices are affordable. Another factor to consider is that we do not accept unreasonable returns and offer refunds which helps keep the cost down. Most products on the market today have that factored into their cost as well as fancy and unnecessary packaging. Most companies also have the expense of the products manufactured, labeled and warehoused for them. Because all of our products are hand made in house we can control ever aspect of pricing and cost and pass that savings on to you. We appreciate you and your business and will continue to offer affordable, high quality products.

Are your products Certified Organic?

Presently our products are not certified organic but we do use only natural and certified organic ingredients when formulating. All of our products are formulated with the highest integrity and standards and we are always looking for cutting edge ingredients that are safe and effective. Your health is important to us.

Why are you using iron oxides instead of fruit and vegetable pigments? Aren’t those healthier? 

Not exactly. The FDA does not approve or regulate fruit and vegetable pigments. The safety of these pigments is under scrutiny for several reasons. One being a preservative needed and another being the source of the pigments. The FDA approves iron oxides for cosmetic use and any company in violation of this could be fined. After many formula experimentation’s with fruit and vegetable pigments we have concluded that any hydrophilic formula needs another pigment to stabilize the fruit and vegetable pigments. The fruit and vegetable pigments were just not stable enough to withstand water and time. We have concluded that these pigments should be referred to as color enhancing extracts and should be listed as booster ingredients not primary colorants. With that being said we will always disclose our mineral blends and iron oxides to you when requested. We are always searching for the most healthy ingredients to use and your safety and trust is most important to us.

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