Are Progress in Health products sold in retail stores?

Yes, some of our products are sold in specialty shops, in our own online shops and through independent Progress In Health Sales Representives.

How do Sales Rep’s sell your products?

Progress In Health Sales Representatives can be as creative as they want when selling our products. Primarily they sell through home, office, or group parties…or individual sales. As a Progress In Health Sales Representative, you’ll recieve support to help you succeed, ideas for selling our products, and a link to printable business cards, catalogs, order forms, and invitations you can hand out (with your own contact information). Sales representatives may also set up a Progress In Health website with our approval.

What if I have no sales experience?

Our philosophy is based on self-empowerment, and finding your own inner-well of enthusiasm. If you believe in our products, and believe in yourself…that’s all you need for others to believe in it as well. There’s nothing complicated about being a Progress In Health Sales Representative. You provide the opportunity for customers to sample products first-hand, and the cosmetics pretty much sell themselves, and repeat business is practically guaranteed.

How much time/energy does being a Sales Rep take?

Customize it to suit your individual goals. Create some supplemental income for yourself, or take a serious career path with unlimited earning potential. Part-time or full-time…the choice is yours!

Would I be an employee of Progress in Health, Inc?

No, Representatives are “Independent Contractors”, and responsible for filing their own Federal and State Income Taxes (Form 1099). Independent Contractors may be eligible to take advantage of the tax savings of running a home-based business.

What is “Direct Sales”?

Direct Sales is a method of getting a product or service ‘directly’ to consumers. This distribution system relies on the services of Independent Sales Representatives, eliminating the need for a retail outlet for the product or services. Sales through this distribution method are growing rapidly ($30.8 billion in 2007, with the sales force growing to 15 million.)*

Progress in Health, Inc. is a proud member of the DSA. The DSA works with state and federal agencies to ensure that the public is protected from illegal pyramid schemes, and member companies must meet the highest ethical standards.

There are no pyramid schemes or membership prices in our program.

*Statistics from the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

When do I earn my sales commission?

As soon as you make a sale you earn a commission made through your discount or if you clients order through the website you receive your commission at the end of the month.

Remember, the more you order the more you and your clients save on shipping. All orders must be paid in full before shipping.

Are there sales requirements, sales minimums or quotas to meet?

We do require a small monthly minimum to stay active in the sales rep program.

Email us today for more information on becoming a sales representative