About our President

Rhonda Demars

Our secret ingredient… Rhonda Demars is the founder, formulator and President of Progress In Healthand Erzulie® Cosmetics. She has an extensive background as a globally recognized, natural cosmetic formulator and Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant. She also holds degrees in Culinary Arts and Social Sciences. Health and wellness are some of her passions as well as art, music and of course makeup! Rhonda dedicates herself to educating consumers on the dangers of everyday, chemical laden products, their ill effects, and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own health & well-being. With an unwavering dedication to her company’s all natural standard, Rhonda works hard to incorporate sustainable, green packaging into her lines, as well as choosing co-op suppliers where possible. Every safety precaution is in place while creating her healthy and cruelty free creations as well as BPA free plastics.

Not so very long ago, Rhonda came face to face with growing problems in this country of “Chemical Sensitivity” and “Cosmetic Acne” effecting overall health in severe and debilitating ways. Rhonda didn’t see an untapped market, but a growing, segment of the population in dire need of all-natural alternative products. Calling on her own personal interests in nature, health care, and beauty…she set to work developing Erzulie® Awaken Your Inner Goddess™ Natural and organic color cosmetics. Since then, she has increased the Progress In Health line to include a professional-grade, holistic skincare line called Progress™.  

Who Is Erzulie®?

The cosmetics brand Erzulie® is a goddess of love and beauty but not affiliated with Erzulie Freda, the family of Iwa, vodou or any other Erzulie. We fully understand and respect those Erzulie’s but our interpretation is of a mother nature goddess called Erzulie® who encompasses all women and their inner beauty, strength and power as well as their outer appearance. That’s how “Awaken Your Inner Goddess” became the Erzulie Cosmetics affirmation and tagline. Several of our products are named after goddesses and powerful women as they represent all of us and everything we do.

The brand and company embrace the positive energy and strength of Erzulie…but we don’t worship or believe in any particular ideology affiliated with the name. The theme is based on embracing goddess energy not an organized religion or group.

“In my eyes, every woman is a Goddess! Erzulie® is a part of every woman. Celebrate your inner goddess with outward expression by empowering yourself everyday with healthy choices. We all deserve healthy cosmetics. I started my company because I was tired of putting chemicals on my face and I felt I deserved better. Soon I was on a mission to formulate cosmetics that out performed commercial brands and prove my point, you can have healthy makeup and not break the bank.

My passion for makeup started when I was a little girl and has continued to be the driving force of creativity and joy in my life. I feel it is my calling to make products with integrity and quality, that will not only be effective but exceed expectations. This company is truly about feeling good! Women can “look” good, but if they’re not feeling it…not resonating with that feeling, then what’s the point? I want to help women empower themselves, take control, and really learn what it means to be healthy and happy, because all us women know…that’s not an easy thing to do!”

Rhonda is constantly in development on new products for all her lines, and she welcomes all feedback and suggestions. If there’s a product you have been dying to see offered in an all-natural formulation…consider sending her an e-mail about it. Rhonda personally responds to emails and offers consultations.  Progress In Health is also working to offer more and more “Vegan-Friendly” products, and eventually move to a 100% recycled packaging for all our products. There’s no standing still with Rhonda or this cutting-edge, earth friendly, nature loving, health conscious business. Her world wide following started one sale and one order at a time. She can proudly say, her brands have reached over 150,000 women globally and still climbing. Help us spread the word and say “no more harmful chemicals in our beauty products!” 

Rhonda Demars