Earn extra money as a Progress In Health/ Erzulie Natural Cosmetics Sales Representative and Beauty Consultant!

  1. Earn commissions and discounts selling great, all-natural beauty products
  2. Set your own hours
  3. Introduce your family and friends to healthy and natural cosmetics made in the USA
  4. No pyramid schemes or membership pricing in our program

We’re an indie company that’s all about outer and inner-beauty, health, and well-being. Our mission is to keep the cost of our products low, while providing the highest quality, truly “all-natural” beauty products. To help us in this mission, we seek to join forces with our customers on an interactive level, and get YOU involved in the success of our company!

PIH customers aren’t just consumers…they’re fans, friends, and family! And they’re super important to us and our success!!!

Sales reps earning the most money right now, are selling either health & wellness products, or beauty products! Health and wellness sales for 2004 reached $68 billion. Today that number has soared to $500 billion, and the forecast for the next five years is $1 Trillion in sales! Everyday more, and more consumers are seeking HEALTHIER, safer cosmetics and skin care products….free from harsh and harmful chemical ingredients. A lot of large companies are slowly making the move to more natural products, and many new businesses are popping up daily (online) claiming to have all-natural ingredients, and many of those businesses are falling short, and folding up. You can trust that every, single Progress In Health product is made with the safest, simplest, all-natural ingredients. We’re not just riding a trend. Our entire company is based on the philosophy that beauty and health are one in the same!

Join our PIH team, and feel great about the products you’re selling! Know that every customer you turn-on to our natural and organic cosmetics will most likely become a fan for repeat business, making your work all that much easier! Whether you’re seeking a side-line income, or a new career. We make it simple to get started, and we keep it simple. We want to LOVE being part of the Progress In Health/Erzulie Natural Cosmetics family!

We’ve made it super easy to get started

The only two requirements for becoming a Progress In Health Sales Rep is for you to invest in your own ‘sales representative package’ and sign the terms of agreement sent to you through email. Your coupon code will emailed to you immediately so that you can start receiving your sales representative discount.

We’ve put together a great variety of products to choose from and with these packages you will be able to mix and match your beauty kit to fit your clients and make commissions on the sales. It’s great way for your future customers to experience the difference of all natural cosmetics and match their coloring with our large selection of mineral foundation, lip gloss and lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, concealer and other innovative products.

To find out more, contact us at: contact@progressinhealth.com  We would be happy to send the terms of agreement and assist you in any way possible. Your success is our success!

We also offer various business tools from our website for you to download or purchase: business cards, catalogs and order forms. Invite family, friends, co-workers, or fellow students to test and try out all the great products you’re now selling. Don’t forget to pass out your business cards and post on Facebook and Twitter.

Your success is our success!

EARN 20%-35% on each of your sales. It adds up quickly.

With Progress in Health, Inc. you decide how much income you want to generate. Your discount amount is based on your sales. You will start at Silver and as your sales accumulate work into the platinum level commission.

SILVER LEVEL – earn 20% commission on Sales totaling 0-$500 as a Silver Level Sales Representative

GOLD LEVEL – earn 25% commission on Sales totaling $501-$750 as a Gold Level Sales Representative

PLATINUM LEVEL – earn 30% commission on Sales totaling $751-1000+ as a Platinum Level Sales Representative

PLATINUM PLUS – earn 35% commission, free shipping, free products and more!

Averages are based on a 48-week year. Example below is based on PIH product parties/groups/gatherings. (at-home or online).

Gatherings/Wk Total Weekly Retail Sales Weekly Income Monthly Income Annual Income Approx. Hours Per Week
1 $200 $60 $240 $2,880 2 – 3 ($20 – 30 per hr)
2 $400 $120 $480 $5,760 4 – 6
3 $600 $180 $720 $8,640 6 – 9
4 $800 $240 $960 $11,520 8 – 12
5 $1000 $300 $1,200 $14,400 10 – 15

These amounts are ‘rough estimates’ based on gatherings or parties you host with several people in attendance. These amounts can be supplemented with individual sales depending on how you prefer to work, however “gatherings” (whether hosted in your home or elsewhere), provide the best opportunity for sales, since you can work to capture many customers at one sitting (and a couple of hours). Earnings are greatly increased with larger numbers in attendance.